Providence Public Library Foundation

Providence Public Library (PPL) and its patrons have long benefited from the generous private donations of many individuals and organizations. For decades, these donations have enabled the delivery of nationally-recognized, award-winning community library programs and services.

To continue the careful stewardship of private funds, and to encourage private giving, the Library Trustees created the Providence Public Library Foundation in 2005. This 509(a)(3) public charity will nurture and support the Library’s goals and priorities through private philanthropy and fundraising.

Every private donor expects his/her gift to be both well managed and well spent. The Foundation is the vehicle by which future generations of donors can continue to be confident of that.

PPL Foundation Board of Trustees
Robert K. Taylor, Esq., Chair
Joan M. Caine
Karen G. DelPonte, Esq.
Robert W. Edwards, Jr., Esq.
Dr. Kathleen C. Hittner
Scott S. Lisle
Guy Lombardo