100 Years Ago Today

Some of you may not know that the Rhode Island Collection holds the complete run of the Providence Journal from 1829 to the present. The Journal is an important part of the collection as it documented the history of Providence, Rhode Island, and the World as the events happened. Genealogists, local historians, preservationists, students, and many others can all find something of interest within its pages.

I thought it would be fun to put this resource to some use on the blog; therefore, I'm starting this series, 100 Years Ago Today. In this series I will look back in the Providence Journal to see what was happening 100 years ago on the day of the blog post. So, today we look at 28 November 1912.

As we can tell by the front page, today was Thanksgiving in 1912:


Although it was a holiday, there was plenty going on around town and the weather reads like perfect holiday weather:


And many ships were arriving in the United States and sailing around the world:


Even 100 years ago we can still come across ads for familiar companies:



In Sports, Brown University Football draws a crowd and garners much excitement:


On the World stage, the first Balkan War continues in Europe:


If you would like to see more Providence Journals, feel free to stop on by the library and take a look through our Rhode Island Collection Index and the Providence Journal microfilm collection.  You can also search through more recent Providence Journals going back to 1983 online with a Providence Public Library card.




What a great way to highlight this important resource, Tracy - I look forward to future posts!

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