Answers to Ten Commonly Asked Tech-Geek Questions

Some technology questions are easier to answer than others. Tech-savvy friends and family may be quick to offer up advice on the "how's" of tech issues, but the "why's" are often more important. Finding out fundamental information on certain tech topics can lead to better solutions over the long term, and often reveal common misconceptions we may have. Safe practices for using public Wi-Fi, the importance of online privacy, and understanding how malware affects your machine, are a few examples of frequently inquired about issues that require more substantive explanations for even the best tech-geeks amongst us.

Here is an article exploring ten of the most commonly asked tech questions by tech users themselves. Author Whitson Gordon, of the technology blog Lifehacker, does a fine job providing context and substantive information for each question. Be sure to check out the links he provides within the article to get the most out of each explanation.


Happy exploring!




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