December 2011

End-Of-The-Year Notes

With the new year nearly upon us, this seems like the time to do a roundup of 2011 at the PPL Special Collections. So here are a few quick notes on some of what's happened this year (since March, at least):

New Additions

Here's a partial list of the new books, manuscripts, etc. that came in to Special Collections in 2011:


At Play

Our regularly-scheduled Civil Warrior of the Week post will be taking a brief holiday hiatus and returning in two weeks. In its place, here's something even better: your chance to party like its 1799.

First: Visit the Library's 3rd floor exhibition gallery too see some fascinating items you probably haven't encountered before. The exhibition is called "At Play," and it will be on view until February 15.


The Perfect Gift: Immortality

This year we're offering you the chance to give a truly amazing gift: immortality. And you can get it for someone on your list for as little as $50. How is that possible?


What's a special collections library for?

For anyone wondering who actually uses those old books in Special Collections, here are two examples:


Civil Warrior of the Week #2: Philip Kearny

Philip Kearny, aka "The One Armed Devil," aka "Kearny the Magnificent":

Not to be confused with the Patrick Kearney.


Johnny & Maggie

Sometimes, what seems like a book...

... isn't actually a book. Instead, it's a pop-up tableau ....


Civil Warrior of the Week #1: Col. Rush C. Hawkins

The Magician of the Week feature goes on hiatus this week. But not to fear: a weekly dose of historic portraiture will still be available, and now we're increasing the facial hair quotient considerably. Today marks the first of the "Civil Warrior of the Week" posts, and our first image, that of Rush C. Hawkins, offers not only the afore-promised facial hair, but a pretty nice hat too: