March 2013

Digitization Challenges

If you think digitization is an easy process, check out the latest post at Brown University's Curio blog, which discusses the procedure they undertook to digitize our very unusual medieval hieroglyphic bible.


Women's History Month: In Loving Memory of her Little Girl: Past, Present, and Place in the Gladys Potter Garden

This month I want to highlight Women's History Month by featuring an article by Rhode Island Collection researcher and Historian, Laura Prieto. Laura is a History/Women's and Gender Studies Professor at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She visited the Providence Public Library last month to research Gladys and Josephine Potter and the Gladys Potter Garden in Providence, RI.


Arctic Stories

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Using Metaphor-osis in the Digital Literacy Classroom

The complexity of helping non-digitally-connected citizens to explore the online world requires, on some level, a centuries old method of teaching to create a metamorphosis in the life of the student.


Quiet Please

Recently, I read an article titled “Bring Back Shushing Librarians” by Laura Miller.  I think it said what many of us in the profession, and many library users, have been thinking, but felt uncomfortable stating.  As Miller writes “I’ve long believed that one of the most precious resources libraries offer their patrons is simple quiet”.  Unfortunately, it’s not often a role that is rewarded in today’s library world.  Somehow it’s equated with anti-technology, anti-children, and anti-progress.  Of course, it’s none of those.  Providing a quiet, silent place for