May 2013

Historic Book Person of the Week #21: John Boydell & John Boydell

There are good-engraving days...


And then there are the bad-engraving days...


What's in Your Attic?

In a recent CNN article it was reported that an Apple 1 Computer, one of only six remaining original desktop computers, sold for $671,000.  This got me thinking…

As a lifelong techie and part-time hoarder: what valuable treasures were collecting dust in my attic? After fumbling around in a dimly lit crawlspace for a few minutes, I realized that no six figure techno-antiquity was waiting for discovery within my “collection”. 


Honoring our Armed Forces in Rhode Island

As we head into this Memorial Day weekend with the excitement of the start of summer and a long weekend of parades and cook-outs, it's worth taking time out to remember the Rhode Islanders who have served in our armed forces and for whom this holiday is dedicated.  


WC1002, Hazel Greenleaf Collection. no. 85. Rhode Island Collection.  Providence Public Library.


Greetings and salutations

I’m so pleased to be starting here at the Providence Public Library as the new Rhode Island Collection Librarian.  You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to be working with this collection – the statewide focus belies the wide variety of materials that one can find in it.  Everything from early printed monographs (that’s just a book y’all!), pamphlets, maps, photographs and postcards.  In just my first two weeks on the job I’ve come across an 18th century newspaper issue, Civil War photographs and a commemorative book by the telephone company for t