September 2013

Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Your Computing Experience (Part II)

Ever marvel at how the tech whizzes in your life can make working with technology seem so quick and easy? Like all fields, some of that ease simply comes from many hours using the tools of the trade. But a lot of the ease of use stems from employing some simple practices that even the most novice users can adopt. Some of those practices were covered in part 1.


Madeleine Martin's Experiences the Day of the Terrible Hurricane

September 21st is the 75th anniversary of the Hurricane of 1938 - a momentous storm that hit coastal New England hard with a particularly devastating impact on Rhode Island. The Providence Journal Rhode Island Room is hosting an exhibition on the storm and its impact through September 27th.


The Tale of the Clam

Continuing my interest in highlighting the wide-ranging interests of our researchers, I'd like to draw your attention to a hilarious blog post by our friends at and the Quahog Annex blog. (Side note - if you don't already frequent this site, I implore you to do so as it's a fantastic balance of educational information, travel tips and humor.)