April 2014

Pro Research Tip: Rhode Island Cemeteries Database

Do you utilize cemetery records for your family research?  Locating the burial sites of your ancestors can provide a great deal of information about your family members.  The marker or stone can provide full name information, birth and death dates, and often may note other family members including spouse and children.   The burial might have occurred in a family plot or near other relatives so that you can often document details about whole family groups.


Black Sheep Genealogy

A post in the recent newsletter from the New England Historic Genealogical Society got me thinking about black sheep genealogy.  You know those family members that have the reputation of being a bit "off".  Ancestors that the rest of the family was at best a bit embarrassed about or at worst, completely shunned.  They can be awfully hard to track down and get details about because often they weren't the ancestors that our families bragged about.