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In this blog, I will be posting lots of title lists, reviews, and some commentary. I hope to spark your interest in perhaps reading a new genre, feed your mind with some non-fiction, or rediscover the comfort of an old favorite.

About the title I've chosen for my new blog: while many people are familiar with Webster's first definition of 'virago', "a loud, overbearing woman" (which, as anyone who knows the Book Virago can vouch for, I am not); there is a secondary definition, "a woman of great stature, strength, and courage."  I love the latter definition!  So, despite being vertically challenged, arthritic and gimpy, my courage remains intact and I'll wear the title with great pleasure.

Today's review is on Dying for Mercy by Mary Jane Clark. This dynamic and riveting suspense novel is full of interesting characters, rapid fire prose, and new elements of suspense, which is always good to me.

A visit to Italy, tied with a religious awakening, cause wealthy master political planner Innis Wheelock to commit suicide, riddled by a past full of guilt. A puzzle master, Innis commits suicide by stigmata, presumably to make amends to God for his sins. Residents of the exclusive Tuxedo Park community are shaken, but even more so when a murder, and then another, occur.

It's up to Eliza Blake and her coworkers at KEY News to figure out the clues the puzzlemaster left, and unravel a mystery decades in the making. 

I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you will too!  Please feel free to add your comments below.



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