Cheers to Learning!

The late fall and early winter are the times when most school-age children start looking forward to the holiday break; a time that I remember as being dedicated to adventuring outside, playing with friends, and spending lots of time on the computer, all while reveling in the fact that I was not "learning in school". It was only as an adult that I realized that time spent - fully engaged in the topics that I loved and enjoyed - actually represented some of the most formative educational experiences in my life.

In that spirit, I'd like to share a list of some of my favorite lifelong learning resources on the web, so that if you find some time this season that is unbound by the constraints of work and school, you're free to explore the things that ignite your brain the most. Cheers to learning!



YouTube EDU
Video clips of lectures, demonstrations, animations, & simulations on a wide range of educational topics.

Short, animated tutorials on traditional school lessons, presented in an engaging way (ex. Euclidean Geometry, Population Dynamics, Economic Trends).

TED Talks
Engaging and thought-provoking lectures from experts, typically relating new research and findings from their field (ex. Engineering, Design, Social Sciences, Music, Art, Psychology, Biology, Physics, Mathematics).

Kahn Academy
Video tutorials on traditional school topics (ex. Algebra, Macroeconomics, Photosynthesis). Includes some interactive activities as well.

Large library of videos (and other resources) from PBS’s award-winning programming (ex. Frontline, NOVA, Nature, American Masters)



Complete online academic courses from colleges and universities, including Harvard, MIT, Berkley, and McGill.

iTunesU (iOS only):
Academic courses featuring video, text, and audio content from educators and educational institutions.

A directory of courses focused on learning new skills (ex. computer programming, graphic design) through video, text, and audio content from educators and educational content providers.



iBooks (iOS only)
Interactive textbooks authored by educational publishers as well as independent educators.

Google Scholar
A searchable database of academic research articles.



iTunes (iOS only)
Audio programs on a wide variety of topics and interests. Podcasts offered on iTunes are often also offered on provider websites and streamable online (ex.



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