The Dorr War Explained

Anyone interested in Rhode Island history should plan to be here at the Library Monday evening at 7:00 for a talk by Dorr Rebellion expert Russ DeSimone, accompanied by a screening of a documentary on the War. The Dorr Rebellion is a fascinating episode in the state's history, and DeSimone -- one of the people responsible for the excellent Providence College Dorr Rebellion website -- is one of the best people to discuss it.

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Jordan Goffin

Special Collections Librarian Jordan Goffin has been mining the wonders in the Library’s Special Collections since early 2011. If you’d like to stop in and spend some time with the historic and noteworthy books, manuscripts and ephemera at PPL, contact him by email at or by phone at 401.455.8021. Also, visit the Notes for Bibliophiles blog ( to read more about the exciting materials in Special Collections and to keep up with events and announcements.


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