End-Of-The-Year Notes

With the new year nearly upon us, this seems like the time to do a roundup of 2011 at the PPL Special Collections. So here are a few quick notes on some of what's happened this year (since March, at least):

New Additions

Here's a partial list of the new books, manuscripts, etc. that came in to Special Collections in 2011:

  • Donations of monographs on the history of the book (like this, or this, or this) and a volume printed by Sidney Rider, 19th-century printer-publisher-Renaissance man.
  • A group of books on paper-making and paper history, including a sample book of marbled paper from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India:
  • A Cuala Press imprint and a pretty scarce "popish and financial romance" for the Potter & Williams Irish Collection.
  • A donated manuscript collection relating to a RI author (more info coming soon).
  • A small collection of whaling manuscripts and a fine new whaling log (more info coming soon) for the Nicholson Whaling Collection.

Newly Cataloged

As NBC used to say, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you." Here are some things we've had for a while but you can now find more easily:

Online Resources

In addition to pointing out what we have and where it is, we've made some of it available online:

Add in visits from classes and researchers, the ongoing 3rd volume issues ofOccasional Nuggets, exhibitions and more, and it's been a fairly busy year. Here's to an even busier 2012.

jgoffin's picture
Jordan Goffin

Special Collections Librarian Jordan Goffin has been mining the wonders in the Library’s Special Collections since early 2011. If you’d like to stop in and spend some time with the historic and noteworthy books, manuscripts and ephemera at PPL, contact him by email at jgoffin@provlib.org or by phone at 401.455.8021. Also, visit the Notes for Bibliophiles blog (http://pplspcoll.wordpress.com/) to read more about the exciting materials in Special Collections and to keep up with events and announcements.


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