Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!

Fans of horror and suspense owe much to native Rhode Islander H.P. Lovecraft as his influence on the genre has been huge and only continues to grow.  If you don't already know about the Necronomicon happening this weekend in Providence, you must be hiding out. Even if you haven't purchased passes there are a number of events open to the public and it will be worth checking it out.

While the John Hay Library holds the H.P. Lovecraft Papers, the Rhode Island Collection still gets researchers interested in his life and work here at the Providence Public Library.  We have a great collection of his published works, biographies on Lovecraft and literary analysis. Plus we've got access to a trove of other Providence history materials that support research into Lovecraft's Providence.  

Recently, a French Lovecraft fan and blogger who runs Innsmouthmania asked if I could help him track down a newspaper article that he had spent several years trying to locate.  "In Paris, Lovecraft Lives" was written by Paul R. Michaud and published in the Providence Evening Bulletin on 29 December, 1970 (pg. 12).  The Evening Bulletin has not been digitized and so I sent a scan of the article from our microfilm.  

The article is important as, according to the Innsmouthmania blogger and our patron,  it "is 'just' announcing the re-discovery (we can say a re-birth) of H.P Lovecraft as an essential author for American and worldwide literature. Paul R. Michaud will begin the adventure of Necronomicon Press that will re-launch the interest of people for Lovecraft (with the little help of the French of cource, a long tradition since Lafayette ;0) and with the success which has no stop since that date."

It's really exciting to see the ways in which researchers find value in our collection. And a bonus to see it being appreciated from far outside the bounds of Rhode Island.  

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Kate Wells

As the Rhode Island Collection librarian at Providence Public Library, Kate Wells helps bring Rhode Island history to light by increasing access to the collection and providing research assistance to patrons. In the “Rhode Island Red” blog, Kate showcases interesting materials from the collection, provides research tip & techniques, and highlights local history. Feel free to contact her if you have any Rhode Island related questions; she is always happy to help. Email:


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