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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Olde Style Medicine

We recently acquired this little nugget, which makes me feel fortunate that I am not a convalescent in the midddle of the 19thC.

CHARLES DYER, JR. DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, WESTMINSTER STREET, PROVIDENCE, R.I., Agent for the sale of the following valuable and popular medicines.  (Providence: Knowles & Vose, ca. 1845).  An early and decorative medical advertising piece, printed on the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium.  Among the wares hawked are Starkweather’s Hepatic Elixir, Taylor’s Balsam of Liverwort, Richardson’s Bitters, Moffat’s Life Pills. Murray’s Fluid Magnesia, and Whitney’s Croup Cordial.
The Dyer family is a well-known one in Rhode Island, beginning with William Dyer, a Quaker who came to New England in 1635, was banished from Massachusetts and settled here in 1638, as one of the founders of Newport. 


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