Occasional Nuggets


The latest issue of Occasional Nuggets is now available!

What's Inside?

Exploding blunderbusses; baby-marooning, amateur-dentist monarchs; scorpions soaked in rum; nautical hazing traditions and more. The Spring 2011 issue takes a look at George Miller's The Traveller's Guide to Madeira and the West Indies, a very strange nautical narrative published in 1815.

Fascinating content on the inside, hand-printed covers on the outside.

How to Get It:

Just fill out the order form and return it with your payment. A $15 subscription buys the year's four issues. (Back issues are available for $5 each. Just contact Special Collections if you're interested.)

Generous donors who give beyond the $15 annual subscription are listed in each issue. And all the proceeds are used to improve Special Collections. For more information: http://www.provlib.org/spc-occasionalnuggets

(Original post available on the Notes for Bibliophiles blog.)


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Jordan Goffin

Special Collections Librarian Jordan Goffin has been mining the wonders in the Library’s Special Collections since early 2011. If you’d like to stop in and spend some time with the historic and noteworthy books, manuscripts and ephemera at PPL, contact him by email at jgoffin@provlib.org or by phone at 401.455.8021. Also, visit the Notes for Bibliophiles blog (http://pplspcoll.wordpress.com/) to read more about the exciting materials in Special Collections and to keep up with events and announcements.


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