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"Between truth and the search for it, I choose the second." Bernard Berenson

Google just got way better! Many times I do a search and see a result and give it a click. I then find I am on some page that is essentially an advertisement and not information. I return back to the results page only to find that most of the links are to that same website. UGH! Finally I can do something about it. When you return unsatisfied from a result you will see the lovely words block all results from example.com. This means when I do a search I can finally weed out some of the complete junk sites that always come up. If you do it by accident there are a couple of things to do. The moment you block a site it says undo. Also when you do the same search in the future it will have, at the bottom, a manage blocked sites button. You can use this to return them to the search or just to peruse the sites. I have the feeling today is I am going to go on a blocking spree. Give it a try.


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