What's in Your Attic?

In a recent CNN article it was reported that an Apple 1 Computer, one of only six remaining original desktop computers, sold for $671,000.  This got me thinking…

As a lifelong techie and part-time hoarder: what valuable treasures were collecting dust in my attic? After fumbling around in a dimly lit crawlspace for a few minutes, I realized that no six figure techno-antiquity was waiting for discovery within my “collection”. 

But wait… AH-HA: There in the corner was something that had potential… No, it wasn’t a Commodore 64 or a TI-99/4A… my “treasure” was a 1930s era typewriter.

The next step was a trip to my favorite (and free) virtual appraiser: eBay.com.  Here are some of the results from my research:

  • Apple II with Accessories                   Bids: 30           Final Price: $5,667
  • Commodore Amiga (Sealed)               Bids: 18           Final Price: $9,100
  • 486 DX 2/66 (New)                            Bids:   1           Final Price: $5,500
  • Texas Instruments TI-99/4A              Bids:   1           Final Price: $650

This research has led me to one conclusion:  Next time I drive by a yard sale on a Saturday morning I just might stop for 5 minutes and take a look around.

Oh, and by the way, my 1930s Royal typewriter is selling for about $120 on eBay.  Not bad!

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As a Technology Instructor for Providence Public Library, Don is immersed daily in the world of computers and other forms of emerging technology. In his blog, he will explore and share the “goings on” in the high speed digital world of the 21st century.


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