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Join RIFPC in partnership with Providence Public Library for an

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You might not recognize Alexander von Humboldt’s name quite the same as Darwin, Goethe, Thoreau, or Jefferson, but his scientific work in the Americas inspired them all. Come listen to Andrea Wulf’s lecture “The Invention of Nature” about

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Along with the John Hay Library, the JCB is presenting a public viewing of our own copy of Shakespeare's First Folio (it's even prettier). In addition to seeing the book that gave us Shakespeare, learn about its historical context from Rick Ring

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JCB Vasco da Gama Lecture

People had a way of getting their voices heard in imperialist political spheres: screaming crowds, riots, and hanging effigies proved effective methods. For the JCB's annual Vasco da Gama Lecture

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Bring your computers, monitors, laptops, PDA's, cell phones, mice, keyboards, printers, toner cartridges, networking equipment, CD/DVD players, wires, stereo equipment, telephones, televisions, microwaves, and other

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American Colonies: The Settling of North America by Alan Taylor

April 4 -- the group will read Parts 1 and 2

May 2 -- the group will read Part 3

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