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What is genealogy?  How do you start to build your own family tree?  This workshop

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The smallest state to defend the Union and one far from the battlefront, Rhode Island's stories of the Civil

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Les Rolston was born in 1954 and has studied American history for most of his adult life.  His greatest

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"The Greatest Question Ever Presented to Practical Statesmanship": Abraham Lincoln and the Problem of

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Join Museum Curator and Consultant, Madelyn Shaw, at a presentation on Quilts and Textiles: Legacies of the American

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Gettysburg's Unknown Soldier relates one of the best known human interest stories to emerge from the battle, telling how a dead Union soldier was identified by means of the photograph of his three children he clutched in his hand as

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Learn to find funders for your nonprofit with the Foundation Center's comprehensive funding research tool.

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Providence Public Library's 2013 Annual Meeting of the Corporation will be followed by an informative presentation by Special Collections Librarian Jordan Goffin and Rhode Island Collection Librarian Kate Wells. Join us as Jordan and Kate