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Join Museum Curator and Consultant, Madelyn Shaw, at a presentation on Quilts and Textiles: Legacies of the American Civil War, based on her new

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Please join us for the 6th Annual Workshop in Providence, RI. This year's theme is Immigration and Citizenship.

The 6th Annual African Studies Workshop (ASW) will feature a talk and discussion

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Save the Date: Rhode Island Broadsides Rule!

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Enter into a spellbinding journey into the high-stakes world of art theft.

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This event is completely booked!

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The weird creatures and ghostly haunts of Rhode Island folklore are rooted in the forgotten chapters of the state's long

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Relive the stories of the ‘40s and ‘50s with Dr. Ed as he follows the success of his bestseller, “Growing Up Italian; Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories.” Relive the dinner, hear the sounds, smell the aromas, taste the food, walk the

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On a clear June morning in 1769, a crowd gathered near a tall wooden platform, curiously watching gentlemen like Joseph Brown, his brother Moses, Stephen Hopkins and others using a telescope to observe the Transit of Venus. Two Providence

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Dominated by Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island's scenic coast is paralleled by the tracks of some of the oldest and now fastest

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Rhode Island, like many other New England colonies, decided that a central meetinghouse was necessary to conduct public