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Join us for a celebration of the aspiring type designers who have used our collection as a source of inspiration to create new typefaces.

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Featuring a carnival of short stories and surprises by local artists and writers based on the PPL Special Collections!​ ​Plus the release of the giant, full color, Special Collections-themed issue of the Providence Sunday Wipeout!!!

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Historic Benefit Street. Photo: Warren Jagger

Join the Providence

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Unlocking the Mystery of Lupus

Lupus is a serious chronic disease. Common symptoms include painful joints, fever, skin rashes and extreme fatigue. This free community forum presented by the Lupus Foundation of New England and sponsored by

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You might not recognize Alexander von Humboldt’s name quite the same as Darwin, Goethe, Thoreau, or Jefferson, but his scientific work in the Americas inspired them all. Come listen to Andrea Wulf’s lecture “The Invention of Nature” about

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JCB Vasco da Gama Lecture

People had a way of getting their voices heard in imperialist political spheres: screaming crowds, riots, and hanging effigies proved effective methods. For the JCB's annual Vasco da Gama Lecture

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Galletti Lecture, Francios Furstenberg, "When the United States Spoke French." Americans often forget that even the East Coast of North