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Join us during Latino Heritage Month as we welcome Johnny Diaz, author of Looking for Providence:

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In this popular seminar intended for both readers and writers, award-winning novelist Justin Kramon explores the art of storytelling from a writer's perspective.  He examines how writers across the centuries build narratives.  Through a

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he HiFi (Historical Fiction) Collaborative

A Providence Writing Group

 The HiFi Collaborative is a forum for historical fiction writers to:

  •  Share their writing
  • Offer and receive feedback
  • Discuss
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Ready to write? Sign up for a class with Frequency Writers. Poetry, non-fiction, and hybrid writing courses are offered this fall.

Courses begin September 25th! For more information and to

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic figures in the history of Hollywood, and her legendary work on the big screen is eclipsed