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Come on by for the May Gallery Opening at the Sprout Gallery. This month will feature art by local RI artists, John Hunter Housley, Alexandra and John La Force, Lizzy Synalovski, and Sprout Member Andra Renzi. As usual, there will be snacks,

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Pointilism is a style of painting famous for creating beautiful dream-like images using only dots!

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Join us for this “inspiring” Family Learning Sunday Program…

WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: With artist Pam Santos  

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Moira Richardson — Nocturnal Painting (6 & Up)

Find your inner artist and create a painting of a nighttime scene using Van Gogh’s Starry Night as   inspiration.

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Pam Santos — Capture the Beauty of the Night with Watercolors (10 & Up)

Capture the beauty of the night with watercolors. You can experience the gentle art of watercolor painting as you paint on an artist’s easel with the guidance of

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