Rhode Island History

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Join us for the launch of Robert Geake’s new book:

Colonial New England Curiosities

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Michelle Valletta, Adjunct Instructor at Rhode Island College and Roger Williams University, will discuss the history of the city of Providence in the 19th century and how it impacted the development of the Providence Police

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The authors of an updated history of the Providence Police Department recently published by

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On exhibition from August 5-October 30.

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"The Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum is the only intact authentic example of original 19th century high style Victorian decoration in Providence."   - The NY Times

Join us for a tour of this

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The New England Mariner Tradition:   Old Salts, Superstitions, Shanties & Shipwrecks

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Local Historian Inks Final Chapter of the John Gordon Saga

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Join us for a lesson in Rhode Island history!

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While the pictorial splendor of three-dimensional movies might seem to occupy the cutting edge of entertainment, visual performances in 3D have a long history. And on March 29, you can get a taste of the early days of that history at an