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Reading Across RI: Oral History Workshop with Marta Martinez

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The Artists Loop with Brian Trahan

Face-to-Face STORIES: Telling the Story of your Art

The arts are an essential part of the story of what it means to be a human being and a community. The story of

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In this popular seminar intended for both readers and writers, award-winning novelist Justin Kramon explores the art of storytelling from a writer's perspective.  He examines how writers across the centuries build narratives.  Through a

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Christopher Johnson — Poetry Workshop (10 & Up)

Award winning Poet/Spoken Word Artist Christopher Johnson will be showcasing his self affirming, motivational style of performance and words focused on “Taking Back the Night.”

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Burt the Raccoon — Puppet Show (Children)

Burt explains life in the forest through puppetry, storytelling, American Sign Language and incredible tree impersonations! Don’t miss your chance to “shake hands” with a real raccoon puppet!

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An interactive family program with Wampanoag Storyteller, Annawon Weeden.  Listen to stories, learn songs and dances from

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Every author and illustrator draws from his or her own background and creativity when crafting books for children.

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Family Storytelling Concert, featuring Rhode Island Black Storytellers (RIBS) and invited guests.

2:30 - 4 pm (in Auditorium, 3rd floor)

RI Black Storytellers (RIBS) presents it's 14th

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Intergenerational Storytellling Workshop -- 1 - 2 pm

This year's workshop will be lead by nationally recognized storyteller Lyn Ford. Lyn is a fourth-generatio Afrilachian* storyteller. 

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Around the World Folktales with Diane Edgecomb