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Good writing begins with a good story. Listen as we share the humorous and heartwarming tales from our own lives. Then learn to embellish and transform these stories so they feel like they are unfolding on the big screen.

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In “Bending Genre: Writers in Conversation,” three writers discuss how their work bends, complicates, disrupts, and redefines traditional genre distinctions, including historical fiction, memoir, biography, young adult, and fantasy. Kate Wells (

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The University of Rhode Island's 9th Annual


June 18th - 20th

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Hear local experts explore how cultural memory is collected, preserved, and shared. Join the conversation about the spaces and objects of history.

Taylor Polites: The Rebel Wife (Moderator)

Kate Irvin: Curator Costume and

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This one-day studio course is for writers who are working on a literary translation in any genre (poetry, prose, experimental or cross-genre work, etc). It is for writers who are just starting on their first translation and for experienced

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This class meets every Sunday, March 22nd to April 26th, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. This is a course for writers of all genres and levels of experience who are interested in collaborating with other artistic mediums. Visiting local artists will lead

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In this popular seminar intended for both readers and writers, award-winning novelist Justin Kramon explores the art of storytelling from a writer's perspective.  He examines how writers across the centuries build narratives.  Through a

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Topics Covered:

  • How are the new digital technologies changing the face of publishing?
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