Computer Class Descriptions

Computer Basics 1: Mouse and Keyboard (Starting class)

If you think computers are too confusing or just plain scary, come to this 90-minute hands-on class. You will test drive the mouse and experiment with all the keys on the keyboard. Take the fear out of it and have fun learning the very basics of today’s computers.

Computer Basics 2: Windows Fundamentals

Okay, you can use a mouse, but now what? Explore Windows and add to your computer knowledge. Find out what certain icons are for and how to best use them. Learn to navigate the system to find what you are looking for. Explore the start button menu to make computer life easier. This 90-minute class helps the beginner to be more proficient.

Internet Basics 1: Learn to use the Web

Does it feel like everybody is using the Internet but you? Believe the Internet would be too confusing? Well this class is for you. Discuss your online options, understand how to move around and find new places to click to. Impress your friends and family with your comprehension of the difference between World Wide Web and the Internet and much more.

Internet Basics 2: Google & Search

Is the Internet useful in everyday life? Is it faster to use the phonebook or go to the computer? Is it faster to check on a flight by calling the airlines or heading to the computer? Find out in this 90-minute class where we explore Google and use it to solve real life problems. Explore everything from finding shopping to translations.

Internet 3: Your First email

Passenger pigeons taking too long with your messages, not sure what side of the stamp to lick? Perfect! Then it’s time for your first email. Sign up in class and learn to use the basic functions like composing a letter or adding contacts to your address book. This is for a person who has never had an email.

Internet 4: More About email

You have sent and received your first email. Now it is time to learn some more features of using email to communicate online by formatting, creating folders, and managing sent and received emails.

Microsoft Word 1: Basic Word Processing

Still using a typewriter? Heard typing on the computer is difficult to learn? Well it’s not. Use Word to type letters, make brochures, create newsletters, or posters. In this class we experiment with most of the basic functions of Microsoft word. This program is easy to use. After playing with tools like centering, italic, bold and spell check you may type a farewell letter to your typewriter.

Microsoft Word 2: Page setup, Margins & Tables

Figured out the basics of Microsoft Word? Need More? Learn to change margins and use all the functions of page setup. Add page numbers, create tables to organize information, and insert page breaks.

Microsoft Word 3: Bullets and Numbering, Find and Replace and Shortcuts

Figured out the basics of Microsoft Word? Need More? In this class learn to add bullets and numbering and how to customize them; use find and replace; use Autocorrect to and shortcuts to speed up your work.

Microsoft Word 4: Graphics, Text Boxes, and Borders

Confused by columns? Problems with pictures? Had it with headers? Take this advanced class to learn about tools that are helpful for creating a newsletters or posters. We will deal with such problems as inserting multiple pictures, using borders, text wrapping, and what text boxes are and how to manage them.

Excel 1: Basics

Heard Excel is the best but not sure what it is the best at? Excel is a spreadsheet program used to organize information or to keep track of your bills. It will do calculations or sort data. After this 90-minute introduction you will be able to set up your own basic spreadsheet, edit, autosum, resize and format.

Excel 2: Charts and Graphs

Figured out the basics of Microsoft Excel? Need More? Take the information you have organized on your spreadsheet and interpret it using graphics. Learn to create charts and how best to display your information.

Excel 3: Formulas and Functions

Figured out the basics of Microsoft Excel? Need to take it to the next level? Formulas and functions are used to manipulate data. They can be used to add, subtract, multiply, and divide information. Until you start using functions and formulas you are not using Excel to its potential.

Excel 4: Advanced Formatting

Figured out the basics of Microsoft Excel? Need to take it to yet another level. Make your spreadsheet easier to use and read. Learn tricks and tips to improve your data by sorting, filtering, coloring, freezing panes and paste-linking.

Advanced Excel

You have a solid foundation on most of the Excel features and are ready to enter a new level of expertise. This class will show you the power of Pivot Tables and will add to your Excel toolbox the most powerful tool: Macros.

PowerPoint 1: Slides, Text, Editing

Can’t seem to get your point across with just a speech, try PowerPoint. In this 90-minute hands-on class we explore the ins and outs of this slideshow program. After this hands-on workshop you will be able to create your own slideshow and impress both friends and coworkers.

PowerPoint 2: Clip Art & Animation

Are you ready to really dazzle your coworkers and friends? Learn to use multimedia (Clip Art, Photos, Sound) to enhance a presentation and how to achieve your goals with this program. Basic slide animation will also be covered.

Advanced Powerpoint

You have created several slideshows and are ready to take the next step. This class will help you to apply complex animation and pre-set timed slideshows.

eBay 1: Buying

Heard about the deals on eBay or looking for something impossible to find? Come to this 90-minute class and learn the basics of searching, bidding (buying), and completing the transaction safely. Try this class if are looking to buy a treasure or just want to find out what the ruckus is all about.

eBay 2: Selling

Is everyone making money online but you? Need to offload the contents of your basement? Come to this 90-minute class to learn the basics of selling and discuss how to handle transactions effectively and safely. Learn tips on shipping, feedback, and much more.

Customizing the computer

Feeling like your computer isn’t yours? Want the experience to be more pleasing and enjoyable? In this 90-minute class learn to use Control Panels and display options to create a comfortable environment.

Online Safety Basics

Worried about identity theft and viruses?  Have you heard about something called “Phishing Scams”?  In this 90-minute class lean and discuss online security and privacy issues and some ways to defend against these threats.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 1

Learn the basics of graphic editing. Learn how to improve that scanned image or to make that picture from your digital camera just the way you want it. This course covers the basics of graphic enhancement. This course will teach you how to quickly remove red eye, straighten and crop, color, and focus to create that perfect picture.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2

Looking for more basics of graphic editing? Learn the basics of Layering. This course will teach you how to use filters, resize and brighten, use selection tools or keyboard shortcuts to create the perfect picture.


Have something to say? Then blogging is for you. Blogs are online journals that allow a person to give their opinion about anything and everything. Blogging is also called citizen journalism because of the ever increasing impact on the world view. In this 90-minute class we use Blogger to get an account, create and edit posts and play with all the features it has to offer. Come with something to say to this medium to advanced class.
Must have an email address.

Calling all questions

Bring in your questions and concerns from the tech world. The teacher will attempt to answer it all. In this two-hour lecture/discussion we will use the projector to see answers to your questions. So show up with perplexing problems for all of us to share in.