Computer Class FAQs


Is there a registration fee or how much do classes cost?
The computer classes are completely free.

Are the classes only for Providence citizens and do I need a library card?
No, classes are open to anyone.

I have little or no experience with computers. Can I take classes?

Yes, just remember to start with the basic classes and work your way through the suggested class order.

Where are the classes offered?
Classes are held at the Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street. Check the schedule for locations and times.


How do I sign up?
Call 401-455-8026 and give the room and date of the class and ask to be added to the class listing. To make calling easier call after 1:00 and never on a Wednesday.

How will I know if class is cancelled? Also will the class be rescheduled?
You will be called as early as possible. No, all classes are part of a set schedule. However, there are always more scheduled classes so please check the schedule. Most classes are repeated the next month.

When should I register?
As soon as possible, classes fill up quickly.

Can I register for a class that is scheduled for that day?
Please register for classes at the very latest the day before. However, if you would like, you could show up at the class to see if there are any openings.

If I am registered and cannot make it to the class should I call to cancel?
Yes, please call so that someone else can have your spot.

If a class is said to be full, can I attend on the chance that a reserve has not showed?
Absolutely. Many times people sign up but do not attend. Most likely you will be able to participate in the class.

Can I register for as many classes as I want?
Yes, however try to register for just the classes you need. If you register for everything you will be overwhelmed with information. My teaching philisophy is simple. "I would rather see students less and know they are practicing more."

I am new to computers, which class should I take?
For someone with little or no computer knowledge, we recommend taking Computer Basics 1: Using the mouse and keyboard, followed by Computer Basics 2: Basic windows.

Do I need to bring anything to class?
Something to write with is a good idea but not required. Otherwise that's it. (A sense of humor helps!)

Is this a series of classes?
No, they are stand alone classes.

Can I attend a class out of scheduled order? Example taking Excel 4 before Excel 1?
Yes, however this is not recommended if you are new to the subject matter. If you're already familiar with the material, then go ahead and take the classes whenever convenient.


Do you offer classes on Microsoft Access?
At the moment we do not have any Access classes.

I have a question from the class, how can I get in touch with the instructor?
Click here

Does the teacher write more information any where?
Click here

How can I practice what I have learned in the classes?
Computers are available at PPL for practice. Come in with a library card and you can go right to a computer. If you do not have a card then just head to the circulation desk.

Is individual instruction available?

Can I print the handouts to use for my class?
Absolutley, all materials are available for any reason. Click here for a list of handouts

Is the instructor funny?
No, the instructor tells recycled jokes that are mainly puns.