Don't Stop the Music: The Romany Maid, An Operetta

Friday, May 29, 2015

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Cost: $10 per person

Providence Public Library
150 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Auditorium (3rd Floor)

Fri, 2015-05-29 19:00 - 21:00

Opera Providence offers a performance of musical excerpts from the operetta The Romany Maid, last performed over 100 years ago!  In the musical style of the great composers of the golden era of American operetta: Sigmund Romberg and Victor Herbert, Providence composer, John B. Archer’s operetta is a delightful piece with melodic charm and an exotic quality with both a Spanish and French musical cultural setting.   Opera Providence will give new life to this work from 1914 with colorful costuming and setting in the library’s auditorium theater.  A three-piece chamber ensemble accompany the production with the music adapted from the archival score.

Prior to the performance, Rhode Island Collection Librarian, Kate Wells, will introduce new audiences to the operetta as a musical genre using photographs from the Archer Collection.  She will share the historical context for a greater understanding of how theater goers would have experienced the operetta in its heyday, including standard character tropes, cultural references and in-jokes common to the times.

The mission of Opera Providence is to engage and inspire audiences through opera as the ultimate theater experience of music. Through increased performance of, education about, and access to the art form of opera, Opera Providence strives to enrich the quality of life for all in our diverse cultural community; educate and inspire children and youth; and engage audiences in thought provoking experiences.

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