Exhibition - The PPS Legacy: How the College Hill Study Saved Providence

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

12:00 AM-12:00 AM

Cost: Free

Reference Department (1st Floor)

Repeats every day until Sun Jul 31 2016 .
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Visit this exhibit during the Library's open hours.

The College Hill Study of Historic Area Renewal was published in 1959.The College Hill Study showed that there is no inherent conflict between the growth of a city and historic preservation.The project was funded in part by the Providence Preservation Society and became the first urban planning study in the country to use Urban Renewal Administration, Housing and Home finance Agency (now known as the Department of Housing and urban Development, or HUD) funds for the purposes of preservation. The study aimed “…to develop methods and techniques for a program of preservation, rehabilitation and renewal in a historic area which can serve as a guide for other areas with similar problems." The Study surveyed over 300 acres and 1,700 individual buildings, eventually leading to the creation of a College Hill local historic district, and, in 1970, a National Historic Landmark District.

The 11 art boards on display were created by noted Rhode Island Architect William "Bill" Warner (1930 - 2012) and used in the printed publication. They are displayed alongside historic images from the Rhode Island Collection of the Providence Public Library, and contemporary photos by Architectural Photographer Hassan Bagheri.This exhibition was originally installed at Providence Preservation Society in celebration of their 60th anniversary and their Festival of Historic Houses and is made possible with funding from The Archive, Document, Display and Disseminate Fund at Rhode Island Foundation.