Family Learning Sunday: Yoga for Kids

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Cost: Free

Providence Public Library
150 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Meeting Room (3rd Floor)

Sun, 2013-05-05 14:00 - 15:00

Yoga for Kids with OM Kids Yoga

OM Kids Yoga takes the ancient practice of yoga and translates it to a language that children understand and enjoy. By using interactive games and animated postures, kids will build body awareness, improve concentration and focus, and learn how to release energy and relax.  Using the unique and super creative methods developed by KARMA KIDS YOGA , kids play yoga by imitating animals and nature, using their imaginations and experiences to tell stories with their bodies, and by expressing their thoughts and feelings in a safe and nurturing environment.

For ages 5 - 8 only, please. Registration is REQUIRED. Space is limited.

Please call Anne at 455-8098 or email

The OM Kids Yoga Center, founded by mother of two, Elyse Rotondo, is Rhode Island’s first yoga studio devoted to just kids. Our approach to teaching yoga to kids celebrates each child as an individual. There is no competition component in practicing yoga. We encourage children to be unique and stand out from the crowd.  Not only do we teach our young yogi's to be respectful of others, we also show them how to be mindful not to pass judgment on themselves as well. We like to say that YOGA IS A PRACTICE, NOT A PERFECT!

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