Flickers' Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival

Thursday, October 19, 2017

3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Cost: Free

Providence Public Library
150 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Auditorium (3rd Floor)

Thu, 2017-10-19 15:00 - 17:00


24 Days of Torture | Vik & Nes Collective, Director | United Kingdom, 2016. 
Christopher, an advent calendar tries to protect his beloved chocolates over the period of christmas.

When Demons Die | Daniel Rübesam, Director | 19 min. | Germany, 2016. 
After the mysterious disappearance of his father Aaron, 8-year old Joshua decides to leave his home for the very first time even though dark creatures are lurking outside.
Fabricated | Brett Foxwell, Director | 19 min. | USA, 2016. 
Fabricated, a stop-motion animated film ten years in the making, is a journey through an alien world which was once our own.

Poilus | Guillaume Auberval, Director | 5 min. | France, 2016. 
In the French trenches, calm reigns. The 'Poilus' are waiting to leave for the battlefield. Among them, Ferdinand, a young hare, is playing the harmonica. A whistling signal is given, the attack begins. It's on the no man's land that he first encounters his enemy, a horrible creature.

Black Dog | Joshua Tuthill, Director | 15 min. | USA, 2017. 
Utilizing archival footage and stop motion animation, and set during the space race of the 1960's, two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their parents. As one falls into the darkness of a troubled marriage, the other must find an escape from the evil that is devouring his family.

Witch’s Milk | Martin Jehle, Director | 22 min. | Germany, 2017. 
Susanna’s cat is run over by Peter’s car. Feeling guilty he helps her to bury the cat in the backyard. Being emotionally close leads to a relationship between them – and Susanna gets pregnant soon. But there is no bliss for this couple, because there is something’s strange about the pregnancy…

The Night Delivery | Scott O’Hara, Director | 15 min. | USA, 2017. 
Three disgruntled grocery employees discover they are being hunted by a demonic creature on the last delivery of the day.

Robb’s Problem | Dianna Ippolito, Director | 20 min. | USA, 2017. 
A lonely factory worker finds himself in the middle of a strange romance.

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