History HiJinks Book Club: Slavery in Colonial America, 1619-1776

Monday, November 7, 2016

7:00 PM-8:15 PM

Cost: Free and Open to All

Providence Public Library
150 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Trustee's Room (3rd Floor)

Mon, 2016-11-07 19:00 - 20:15

Slavery in Colonial America, 1619-1776, by Betty Wood

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005 

Slavery in Colonial America, 1619–1776 brings together original sources and recent scholarship to trace the origins and development of African slavery in the American colonies. Distinguished scholar Betty Wood clearly explains the evolution of the transatlantic slave trade and compares the regional social and economic forces that affected the growth of slavery in early America. In addition, Wood provides a window into the reality of slavery, presenting an accurate picture of daily life throughout the colonies. As slavery became more ingrained in American society, Wood examines early forms of slave rebellion and resistance and how the reliance on enslaved labor conflicted with the ideals of a nation calling for freedom and liberty. 
Succinct and engaging, Slavery in Colonial America, 1619–1776 is essential reading for all interested in early American and African American history.

Betty Wood is a reader in American history at the University of Cambridge and a fellow at Girton College, Cambridge.

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