Rhode Island International Film Festival: Documentary Feature for Families

Saturday, August 12, 2017

12:30 PM-2:30 PM

Cost: PPL Screenings are Free and Open to All

Providence Public Library
150 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Auditorium (3rd Floor)

Sat, 2017-08-12 12:30 - 14:30

Documentary Feature: Children/Family

44 Pages

Tony Shaff 2017

91 min. | USA 

A portrait of Highlights Magazine following the creation of the cultural phenomenon's 70th Anniversary issue, from the first editorial meeting to its arrival in homes, and introducing the quirky people who passionately produce the monthly publication for 'the world's most important people,'...children. Along the way, a rich and tragic history is revealed, the state of childhood, technology, and education is explored, and the future of print media is questioned.



Animation, Children/Family Short


Alexis Agliata 2016

7 min.  France Language: French


An alien spaceship breaks down and crashes on earth in the countryside. Its pilot, an alien who hates dirt goes through this terra incognita looking for his fuel, constantly disturbed by an hyperactive little boy…