Marching Songs

Marching Songs

Marching Along No. 1 ; Marching Through Georgia ; Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! The Prisoner’s Hope

Many of the ballads written were marching songs sung in unison by the troops to boost morale and to keep the troops in line. “Marching Along” is a hymn-like marching song written by William B. Bradbury and was one of the favorites of the Union Army. Quartermaster Bingham of the First South Carolina Black Volunteer Regiment is reported to have taught the song to his troops, although the phrase “Gird on the armor” (Silber, 12)  was difficult for them to pronounce and was changed by the soldiers to “Guide on de army.”

George F. Root wrote the words and music to “Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!” in 1863, when many Northern families were wondering about the fate of soldiers incarcerated in a prison camp. The song was an instantaneous success and was quickly picked up by the troops, among whom it became a favorite marching song.

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