Opposition to President Lincoln

Opposition to President Lincoln

Lines on the Proclamation Issued by the Tyrant Lincoln , April First, 1863; “Nobody Hurt” (Old Abe);
Old Lincoln and His Fellows is the Abolitionist’s Government!; There’s “No Body” Hurt

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the most popular, most widely quoted, and influential president in American history. He was also extremely controversial while in office. Hostility to Lincoln during the war was expressed by the people of the Confederacy and a sizable number of those in the southern border states; his political opposition, primarily the Democratic Party in the North and in the border states, including a number of conservative Whigs; and the anti-slavery radicals, including elements both within and outside the Republican Party.

The ballad “Nobody Hurt” echoes the tradition of critical response stemming from the statements of politicians. The author, John Ross Dix, a native of Bristol, England, wrote it in response to a speech Lincoln gave shortly after he was elected. Lincoln implied that there can be nobody hurt in his first term as president and that the people have the opportunity and right to vote for someone else in four years. This ballad shows how criticism of the president was not limited to the Confederacy and that one small statement can have a large impact of public opinion.

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