Library Tour - Chapter 9

Library Tour - Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 -- Upper Balcony/Gallery

The third floor balcony area at the top of the Library's Grand Marble Staircase and the corridor connecting the Trustee's and the Special Collections rooms arguably comprise the Library's most ornate spaces. The corridor and the walls on either side are supported by massive pillars of Sienna marble and Scagliola. From the ceiling hang electric lights, the fixtures and globes highly ornamental. The decorative lighting of Beaux Arts design featured in the spaces are original.

Notable items in the area include:

A Grandfather Chime Clock -- donated by Henry D. Sharpe in 1953

A Statue of Terpsichore -- the Greek Muse of dancing and choral song. The full length bronze statue was cast in Paris by Barbedienne. The Library received it in 1921 from William Binney, Jr. as a memorial gift in honor of Mrs. William Binney.

In addition to the bust of George Henry Corliss, located in the Providence Journal Rhode Island Room, the Library owns several busts currently located in Special Collections:

John Quincy Adams – by United States sculptor Shobal Vail Clevenger, in marble, was received by the Library in 1884 from the Estate of George A. Leete

Bust of Dante (1921) - reproduction by sculptor Onorio Ruotolo

Bust of Abraham Lincoln - reproduction by P.P. Caproni & Brother, Boston


CHAPTER 9 -- Auditorium

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