Rediscovered - The Glass Negative Project

Rediscovered - The Glass Negative Project

A collaboration between Providence Public Library and the Paul Krot Community Darkroom at AS220.

The Glass Negative Project

 The "Glass Negative Project" is a collaboration between the Special Collections Department of the Providence Public Library and the Paul S. Krot Community Darkroom at AS220, funded in part by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. The project includes the creation of an online database of the 1,200 images in PPL's antique Glass Negative Collection. 

Prints are available for order from the Paul Krot Community Darkroom at AS220. All funds generated from the sale of these prints directly supports the Special Collections at the Providence Public Library and the public access program in the Paul Krot Community Darkroom at AS220.  

The Partners
AS220’s Paul Krot Community Darkrooms are the only black and white photography facilities in Rhode Island that provide affordable public access to photographers at every level. Since its creation in 1994, artists, young people, and professionals from all across the state have accessed this valuable resource. While photography becomes increasingly digital, the darkroom proudly offers training and access to traditional black and white techniques to help preserve the fine art of the darkroom and expand individual's ideas, skills and creative instincts in a supportive and constantly evolving community.

The Special Collections Department at Providence Public Library is a repository of rare and beautiful artifacts, from books to broadsides to this collection of glass negatives now being made available to the public for the first time. The Library's Special Collections hold more than 40,000 books, manuscripts, pamphlets, ephemera, newspapers, maps, art and artifacts, spanning four thousand years of human history. The Library is dedicated to ensuring the continued rebirth, rediscovery and reinterpretation of these treasures by making them available to artists, students, scholars and all lifelong learners through collaborations like the Glass Negative Project.

The Collaboration
As the only publicly accessible black and white darkroom in Rhode Island, the Paul Krot Community Darkroom at AS220 is in a unique position to give new life to these once forgotten photographic artifacts. PPL Special Collections librarian Richard Ring requested the assistance of darkroom volunteers to organize, catalogue and archve the glass negatives, ensuring preservation through an online visual database of digitized images, making it possible for the public to see this incredible collection in its entirety, and even to own a piece of history by purchasing an archival grade photographic print.

View the images online.

A Collection Comes to Light (Project Video)

View and order prints from the Paul Krot Community Darkroom at AS220.
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