Whaling Related Books

Whaling Related Books

Andrews, Roy Chapman
Whale Hunting with Gun and Camera: A Naturalist’s Account of the Modern
Shore-whaling Industry, of Whales and their Habits, and of Hunting Experiences in Various Parts of the World
639.22 A56
Ash, Christopher
Whaler’s Eye
639.22 A819w
Blond, Georges
The Great Story of Whales
639.22 B654g
Burn-Murdoch, William Gordon
Modern Whaling and Bear-hunting: A Record of Present-day Whaling with Up-to-date Appliances in Many Parts of the World, and the Bear and Seal Hunting in the Arctic Regions
639.22 B96
Chatterton, Edward Keble
Whalers and Whaling: The Story of the Whaling Ships Up to the Present Day
639.22 C395wd
Chippendale, Harry Allen
Sails and Whales
910.4 C539s
Cook, John Atkins
“ Thar She Blows”; Experiences of Many Voyages Chasing Whales in the Arctic
639.22 C77t
Dakin, William John
Whalemen Adventures: The Story of Whaling in Australian Waters and other Southern Seas Related Thereto
639.22 D135w
Day, David

The Whale War
639.22 D273w

Druett, Joan
In the Wake of Madness: The Murderous Voyage of the Whaleship Sharon
910.4 N855d
Druett, Joan
Petticoat Whalers: Whaling Wives at Sea, 1820-1920
910.45 D794p

Dulles, Foster Rhea

Lowered Boats: A Chronicle of
American Whaling

639.22 D883L
Edwards, Everett Joshua

“ Whale Off!”: The Story of American Shore Whaling
639.22 E26w
Gomes, Joseph

Captain Joe: Whaleman from New Bedford

92 G633c
Haley, Nelson Cole

Whale Hunt: The Narrative of a Voyage, by Nelson Cole Haley, Harpooner in the Ship Charles W. Morgan
639.22 H168w

Howland, Chester Scott

Thar She Blows! [Whaling Stories]
639.22 H864t
Morley, Frank Vigor

Whaling North and South

639.22 M864w
Rickard, L. S.

The Whaling Trade in Old New Zealand
639.22 R539w

Sanderson, Ivan Terence
Follow the Whale
639.22 S216f

Small, George L.
The Blue Whale
639.22 S635b
Spears, John Randolph

The Story of the New England Whalers

639.22 S741s
Stackpole, Edouard A.

The Sea-hunters: The New England Whalemen During Two Centuries, 1635-1835
639.22 S775s
Starbuck, Alexander

History of the American Whale Fishery from its Earliest Inception to the Year 1876
  639.22 S795h
Tripp, William Henry

“ There Goes Flukes”: The Story of New Bedford’s Last Whaler, Being the Narrative of the Voyage of Schooner John R. Manta on Hatteras Groungs, 1925, and Whalemen’s True Yarns of Adventures in Old Deepsea Whaling Days
974.485 T83t
Whipple, Addison Beecher Colvin

Yankee Whalers in the South Seas
910.09196 W574y
Williams, Harold

One Whaling Family
639.22 W723o

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