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Here in PPL's Children's Discovery Library, we are focused on providing programs and resources for parents of young children. Our most recent addition is our new collection of Family Literacy Bags. These bags were developed in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education through a Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.

These kits are designed to give parents opportunities to play and read with their child while building skills they will need to be successful in school and in life. We have developed kits for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that focus on the nine domains of learning outlined in the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards Family Fun Activities.

These domains are: creative arts, cognitive development, literacy, language, math, physical health and development, science, social and emotional development, and social studies.

Each domain has three kits, one for each age. In each kit are sets of Family Fun Activity cards in both English and Spanish. These cards provide parents with the science behind the importance of play as a tool in their child’s development as well as ideas for everyday activities that build skills. The kits also include three to four books for parents to share with their child, as well as a book for the parent to read themselves for information and ideas. There is also an activity or two for the family to engage in together which supports the child’s development in this area.

We have also provided families with a journal, where we hope that you will share your experiences with the kits through drawings or writing. These journals travel with the kits so other families can see and enjoy all the writings. Lastly, there is also a survey that families can use to provide feedback to us as we seek to continue to improve our resources. 

These kits are available through the Ocean State Libraries Catalog. If anyone has questions or would like more information, they can call Anne Kilkenny at 401-455-8098.

Here at PPL we are focused on early childhood education. Everyday activities are brain building opportunities. Our goal is that these kits will provide more opportunities for families read, learn and play together -- everyday.

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Family Literacy Bags for Infants

Family Literacy Bags for Toddlers

Family Literacy Bags for Preschoolers