Internet Access Policy and User Guidelines

As a user of Providence Public Library’s access to the Internet, I understand and will abide by the policy and guidelines below. I agree to the conditions below and wish to proceed.

In response to the advances in technology and the changing nature of information delivery, the Providence Public Library is pleased to offer public access to the Internet.

The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. It is a constantly expanding resource which allows the Library to access information from outside its collection.

Most of the information available on the Internet is useful, entertaining, and enriching for individuals of all ages. The Internet contains a wide variety of resources representing many points of view.

The Internet is a global electronic network. Providence Public Library has no control over its contents, nor does the Library have complete knowledge of everything on the Internet.

Since there is no external monitoring, users may find some material on the Internet that is unreliable, offensive, disturbing, or illegal. Providence Public Library does not guarantee the accuracy of the information users might obtain through the Internet.

Providence Public Library believes that the benefits of Internet access far exceed any disadvantages.

Librarians have recommended starting points for specific subject searches that are appropriate to the Library's mission and services.

Access to the Internet is provided equally to all patrons, compatible with the Library's Mission Statement and Rules of Conduct.

Public User Security and Responsibilities
Internet users must accept responsibility for determining the value of the information they find.

Users are warned that the Internet is not a secure medium. Security in an electronic environment cannot be fully guaranteed. All files, transactions, and communications are vulnerable to third party access and therefore should be considered public.

Public Internet use at the Providence Public Library will be managed in a manner consistent with the purpose for which it was provided.

Time limits may be imposed as necessary to allow the maximum amount of users access to the available workstations.

Responsible users will:

  • Respect the sensibilities of others. Since Internet access is in the public area, the viewing of obscene materials is not appropriate. Failure to use the Internet responsibly in the public setting of the Library may result in the termination of a user's Internet session.
  • Use the Internet Access Computers in a manner that does not disrupt the orderly function of the Library.
  • Not attempt to modify or disrupt existing, programs, files, passwords, or data.
  • Follow existing copyright rules, software license restrictions, and Internet regulations.

Child Safety on the Internet
Parents are encouraged to share the exploration of the Internet with their children. To assist parents and educators, the Library has created Kids Pages which provide content and links to other sites that users may find appropriate for their children. For more information about the Internet and its resources, see Child Safety on the Information Highway. The Library recommends that parents review this document with their children. Ultimately, as with other library materials, a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent.

Providence Public Library requires that any child under the age of 14 must receive parental permission to access the Internet at the Library. Parents/ Guardians of any child under age 14 must come into the Library to sign a Parental Permission Agreement. Library staff are happy to get you started with the basic navigation of the Internet, but cannot perform individual searches or give detailed individual instruction. However, you may consult our Computer Class Schedule for special sessions on learning more about the Internet.

Enjoy searching the World Wide Web!
Please remember that librarians are here to help you find the specific information you need, whether it is in our fine collection of books, periodicals, databases, or on the World Wide Web.

As a user of PPL's access to the Internet, I understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines.