Family Learning Sundays at PPL – 2011-2012 Schedule Kicks Off November 6

Providence Public Library presents its 2011-12 series of FREE Family Learning Sundays, continuing through May 2012.  Join us...every 1st Sunday of the month beginning Sunday, November 6, as we offer “learning families” varied opportunities to seek new knowledge — together — at the Library. The interactive learning programs focus on various topics, including science, music, nature, art and dance. They are all designed with the family in mind and are aimed at children ages 5-8 with their parents/caregivers, but siblings are generally welcome.

Programs will take place at 2:00 PM at Central Library, 150 Empire Street, Providence (Rooms TBA). For information, call 455-8025 or 455-8098.  Sign up now for the November 6 POW Science “Dynamic Earth” program (description below).

PPL’s Family Learning Sundays are FREE programs, made possible in part with generous support from the Masonic Grand Lodge Charities of Rhode Island.  “In a learning family, both parents and children are equal partners in shared learning experiences,” said Richard Louv, Sr. Editor of Connect for Kids, who first used the term in 1999.  


November 6 – POW Science – “Dynamic Earth!” 

Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions! Kids model and demonstrate the phenomena that shape our ever-changing planet while learning about plate tectonics, meteorology and more.  PLEASE REGISTER—455-8025.  SPACE IS LIMITED.

December 4 – Family Scrapbooking – with Moira Richardson

Bring photographs and other memorabilia from a family event to create a family scrapbook. Workshop will include creative materials and ideas.

January 8 – “Musical Celebrations” with Christopher Kavi Carbone

The whole family will celebrate music-making in a fun experience of sound, song, rhythm, movement and play. Principles from music education for early childhood and elementary age children will be drawn upon. The event is designed to inspire the whole family, so that music-making and music-appreciation become a fun and natural part of each child’s life!

February 5 – Roger Williams Park Zoomobile

“Rainforest Adaptations” brings small animals, biofacts and other learning tools right to the library. Through interaction and discussion, families are encouraged to participate actively in noticing and conserving elements of nature that most of us miss.

March 4: Discover Letterboxing with Cathy Davis Hayes and Naomi Messier, RISD Young Artist Program

Letterboxing is an exciting “treasure hunt”-style outdoor activity perfect for families.  In this family workshop, participants learn how to participate in letterboxing and, most importantly, design and construct the object of the hunt, the personal hand-carved stamp, which serves as the letterboxer’s signature. For ages 6 and up.

March 18 – Family Scrapbooking – with Moira Richardson

Bring photographs and other memorabilia from a family event to create a family scrapbook. Workshop will include creative materials and ideas.

April 1 – A Polynesian Dance Experience

Come dance and listen to the Napua O Polynesia or “Flowers of Polynesia” dancers, drummers and musicians will take families on a cultural tour of the Polynesian Islands of Hawaii and New Zealand, and to Tahiti and The Philippines as well!

May 6 – Biomes – “Introduction to Marine Animals”

Get introduced to 12 of our most fascinating local marine species. We will discuss their habitats, predator/prey, exoskeletons, camouflage and regeneration. Some of the animals may include a sea star, brittle starfish, spider crab, horseshoe crab, lobster and pufferfish.

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