Photography of Library Patrons

Photography/Videography in or of the Providence Public Library requires permission from the PPL Marketing Director or other authorized member of Library staff. In addition to the Marketing Director, staff members who may grant permission to an individual/community group to photograph/video either the building or activities taking place in the Library include: Facilities Manager, Head of Security, or the Assistant Director.

Further, for the safety and comfort of all patrons, the Library requires individuals or organizations granted permission to take photographs or video in/of the Library to obtain agreement from any Library patrons whose images may be recorded on Library premises by those people or organizations for their use. Written or verbal agreement is recommended, depending on the intended use of the photography/video.

As necessary for the positive promotion of Providence Public Library in its community and to supporters, the Library actively utilizes photographic or video images of its patrons in publications, productions, presentations/displays and on the Web. The Library’s policy regarding the use of its patrons’ images stipulates that the patron or patron’s guardian must agree to the Library’s use of his/her image for specified purposes. Generally, this agreement is recorded through the use of a formal Library Photo/Video Release Form, which the patron signs.

The Library does not require members of the media to obtain a signed agreement from Library patrons who may be photographed or videotaped during a public event held at the Library. Generally, the media does obtain identification from individuals whose images are recorded, as well as verbal agreement during the process, primarily for identification purposes.