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Lifestyle & Technology and Small Business
Selling Products on the Web
Media on the Web
Learning on the Web
Building a Website-1

Computer Basics 1: Mouse & Keyboard
Computer Basics 2: Basic Fundamentals
Customizing Windows 2003
Bits & Bytes
Maintenance 2003
Customizing your computer 2007
Protecting your computer

Office 2007
Microsoft Word 1 Vista: Basics
Microsoft Word 2 Vista: Page Setup, Breaks, Numbers, Tables
Microsoft Word 3 Vista: More Word
Microsoft Word 4 Vista: Advanced Formatting

Microsoft Excel 1 Vista: Basics
Microsoft Excel 2 Vista: Charts
Microsoft Excel 3 Vista: Formuals & Functions
Microsoft Excel 4 Vista: Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint Vista (Slide show software)
Microsoft Publisher Vista (Desktop publishing software)

Office 2003
Microsoft Word 1: Basic Word Processing
Microsoft Word 2: Page setup, Page Breaks, Tables
Microsoft Word 3: Bullets & Numbering, Find, Shortcuts
Microsoft Word 4: Creating Envelopes & Labels
Microsoft Word 5: Creating a Newsletter

Microsoft Excel 1: Basics
Microsoft Excel 2: Charts & Graphs
Microsoft Excel 3: Formulas & Functions
Microsoft Excel 4: Advanced Formatting

Microsoft Outlook (Scheduling & email software)
Microsoft Outlook Express (Email software)

Internet Basics  
Internet 2: Google
Your first email - NEW SHEET
How to Use EBSCO Consumer Health Database
eBay 1: Buying
eBay 2: Selling

Gaggle of Googles (Google in a work enviornment)

Adobe Photo Elements 1
Adobe Photo Elements 2

Digital Photography

Digital Photography 1
Digital Phtography 2
Digital Phtography 3
Digital Phtography 4


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