PPL Mission, Vision and Values

Providence Public Library inspires lifelong education among all Rhode Islanders, fostering personal fulfillment and enhanced quality of life for an informed, enlightened and engaged citizenry.

The Library is both a physical and virtual presence and is the premiere free, personal learning institution in Rhode Island. All ages and backgrounds engage in robust and vigorous lifelong learning, which occurs in ways from delightfully serendipitous to intensely purposeful. The Library is a committed partner with each individual in meeting their intellectual and cultural goals and with the broader community of reader/learners to achieve an informed, enlightened, and engaged citizenry.

PPL Values

  • Our library users are not only our customers, they are the reason the Library exists. We provide quality service and treat all users fairly and equally. Services are provided in a professional, non-judgmental manner.
  • We value a competent, well-trained library staff and maintain high standards in our work. We help instill a sense of pride in all employees as well as a strong sense of responsibility and professional integrity. 
  • Free access to information is essential to the preservation and promotion of a democratic society. Basic library service should be available to all. 
  • We value safe, clean, comfortable, functional, accessible and aesthetically pleasing buildings and surroundings.
  • We strive to provide the best possible library service to the community within the context of available resources. We are a learning organization that is not afraid to change and take appropriate risks in pursuit of meeting community needs. We constantly reassess our services and methods and try to see ourselves through the public’s eyes. 
  • Library users have a right to privacy in the use of library resources. 
  • We recognize the Trustees’ ultimate financial responsibility for the Library and value their proceeding with fiscal integrity. Therefore, transactions with our endowment funds for major capital expenditures and/or operations will be balanced with a commitment to preserve and grow the endowment for future generations.

The Library's official Seal embodies the organization's enduring mission.