Nicholson Whaling Manuscripts

The full collection guide for the manuscripts in the Nicholson Whaling Collection is available at:

The following is an overview of the subgroups within the collection:

Subgroup 1: Ship's Papers Brig Eunice H. Adams of Edgartown

Subgroup 2 : Ship's Papers Whaling Bark Minnesota of Edgartown

Subgroup 3: Ship's Papers Whaling Schooner E. H. Hatfield of Edgartown

Subgroup 4: Ship's Papers Whaling Schooner Hattie E. Smith

Subgroup 5: Ship's Papers, Whaling Schooner Emma Jane of Edgartown under the management of Samuel Osborn, Jr. of Edgartown, Massachusetts

Subgroup 6: Whaling Schooner Aurora of Edgartown under the management of

Subgroup 7: Ship's Papers, Whaling bark Clarice of Edgartown

Subgroup 8: Whaling Brig/Bark Mattapoisett

Subgroup 9: Whaling Ship Charles Phelps/Progress of Stonington

Subgroup 10: Whaling Ship Betsey Williams

Subgroup 11: Bark Perry of Edgartown

Subgroup 12: Bark Courser of New Bedford

Subgroup 13: Miscellaneous whaling and sealing ships

Subgroup 14: Ship America of Stonington

Subgroup 15: Schooner Thomas Hunt of Stonington

Subgroup 16: Charles Henry Wilbur Collection

Subgroup 17: Ship Lion of Providence

Subgroup 18: Bark Robert Morrison

Subgroup 19: Beetle Papers   

Subgroup 20: Mowry Collection of whaling correspondence

Subgroup 21: Dering Whaling Correspondence

Subgroup 22: Personal Papers of Individuals

Subgroup 23: Bark President of New Bedford

Subgroup 24: Bark Mary Frazier

Subgroup 25: Scrapbooks

Subgroup 26: Rodman-Fisher Correspondence, 1799-1829

Subgroup 27: Turner papers

Subgroup 28: Miscellaneous whaling manuscripts, no voyage identified

Subgroup 29: Distributed papers, International Whaling Conference on Historical Whaling Records, Kendall Museum, Sharon, MA  September12-16, 1977

Subgroup 30: Shipping Papers, Whaling and Sealing Voyages

Subgroup 31: Sea Letters, PPL, Grey box

Subgroup 32: Miscellaneous Volumes 

Subgroup 33: Maritime non-whaling manuscripts, Rhode Island related

Subgroup 34: Maritime non-whaling, No connection to Rhode Island