Updike Prize Finalists and Winners

The annual Updike Prize rewards undergraduate and graduate type designers whose work has been influenced by materials in the Updike Collection at the Providence Public Library. Whether students choose to revive a historic typeface or to create a new typeface inspired by an earlier design, applications are judged on the quality of the specimen, the quality of the typeface submitted and how creatively and thoughtfully it interprets a historical model.

Learn more about the Updike Prize, and download a copy of the prize application form, at the Updike Prize webpage. You can also contact the Special Collections Librarian to ask about the contest or the Updike Collection.

The names of finalists and their typefaces or type families are listed below. Specimens submitted by the finalists are added to the Updike Collection and available for viewing in Special Collections.



June Shin, Ithaka (First Prize)

SooHee Cho, The Black Cat

Cem Eskinazi, Mond

Íñigo López Vázquez, Erik Text




Sandra Carrera, Picara (ECAL©)(First Prize)

Chae Hyun Kim, Hodoo

Prin Limphongpand, Rizvele (Runner-Up)

Yeon Hak Ryoo, Tranche