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Submitted by kwells on Friday July 05, 2013

The Rhode Island Collection has over 75 published pamphlets and printed speeches related to the celebration of Independence Day going back as early as 1788.  Rhode Islanders have a storied tradition of celebrating Fourth of July - most

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Hurricane season on the east coast started on June 1st.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is predicting an active

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Full disclosure readers - I'm not a Rhode Island native.  I grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts.  Despite many day trips to Providence and Rhode Island beaches during my youth and the fact that I have made Rhode Island my recent

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As we head into this Memorial Day weekend with the excitement of the start of summer and a long weekend of parades and cook-outs, it's worth taking time out to remember the Rhode Islanders who have served in our armed forces and for whom this

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I’m so pleased to be starting here at the Providence Public Library as the new Rhode Island Collection Librarian.  You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to be working with this collection – the statewide focus belies the wide variety of

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This month I want to highlight Women's History Month by featuring an article by Rhode Island Collection researcher and Historian, Laura Prieto. Laura is a History/Women's and Gender Studies Professor at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She visited

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Many requests that come across my desk have to do with historic business research. Patrons often want to find out any information on a particular business in Rhode Island; anything from where the business was located to how long they were in

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Some of you may not know that the Rhode Island Collection holds the complete run of the Providence Journal from 1829 to