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PPL Alum

PPL welcomes individuals from all walks of life and each has a unique story to tell — stories that illustrate the positive impact our library makes in the lives of those we serve. Stories that YOU make possible!
Meet some of our PPL Alum.

Grace Maffucci
I wanted to volunteer to work within the Spanish-speaking community in Providence. I saw an ad for free ESL classes through the Library and that helped me find my way into the Citizenship class. I’ve become a lot more comfortable with speaking Spanish and helping students practice English. In the Citizenship class, I have learned ...
Sen Kalaimani
My name is Senthilkumar Muthiyapillai Kalaimani, Sen, by my friends and students.  I was a Mechanical Engineer back in India. I came to the US as a dependent visa holder for a few years. After I finally got my work permit, I struggled to find a new job because there was a considerable work gap ...
I first became interested in technology when I was about 12 and got my first laptop. I decided to take it apart and, of course, I had no idea what I was doing and I broke it. But seeing the inside of that laptop and all that I didn’t understand, I knew there were things ...