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PPL Alum

PPL welcomes individuals from all walks of life and each has a unique story to tell — stories that illustrate the positive impact our library makes in the lives of those we serve. Stories that YOU make possible!
Meet some of our PPL Alum.

Raman Shah
I moved from Chicago to Providence in 2018; simultaneously, I quit my full-time data science career to launch my independent consulting practice. Starting out in Rhode Island was tough. The local network was difficult to break into as a transplant, and trips to Boston were almost inescapable for learning modern technologies and getting inspiration from ...
I went to PPL because my friend Levi introduced me to it. We explored the floors and old areas. He also introduced me to a librarian, Bonnie Lilienthal, who works in the Teen Room. She introduced me to PPL’s Rhode Coders 2.0 program. Lots of introducing! I got into the program and went to the ...
I originally came to PPL to learn how to code. But on top of learning coding (HTML & CSS, JavaScript and some Python), I have also been able to establish new connections and friendships, become much more social, learned valuable data analytics skills (Excel & Tableau)! I’ve been in Rhode Coders and Data Navigators classes, ...