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41.8219° N, 71.4171° W

April 1 - June 30

As PPL undertakes a major building transformation for the 21st century, our 41.8219° N, 71.4171° W program series will look closely at our building’s continuities and changes over the past 120 years to see what it can tell us about the history and future of our city. By starting with PPL’s building as a focal point and rippling outward, the 41.8219° N, 71.4171° W exhibition explores how our environment illuminates the larger history of Providence and encourages our audience to spend the year looking at their surroundings in new ways.

The 2019 Exhibition & Program Series, 41.8219° N, 71.4171° W, examines themes of permanence and impermanence, mutability and immutability, and creates intentional links between the two. Although the object of each study differs, both exhibition and program series read the evolution of the urban landscape and the imprints left by human activity.