PPL Mission, Vision & Values

Providence Public Library inspires Rhode Islanders to be lifelong learners by engaging their curiosity and offering access to extraordinary experiences, resources, and ideas.

Engage. Learn. Thrive.

Our Vision for Our Impact

All Rhode Islanders are engaged, informed, enriched, and thriving. Libraries across our state are viewed as essential catalysts in increasing opportunities for all.  

Our Vision for Our Organization

PPL will….

  • CATALYZE the aspirations and dreams of our community
  • RESPOND to our community by engaging them in our decision making and creating innovative approaches to respond to changes and opportunities 
  • BE AN ACCESSIBLE, WELCOMING HUB of activity, offering innovative educational offerings and cultural experiences
  • CONNECT our community to information, knowledge, and resources...and each other 
  • PARTNER with organizations and systems across the state and be known for our collaborative culture
  • BE A JOYOUS SPACE for our community and our staff, who are supported with opportunities for continuous learning
  • DIVERSIFY and celebrate our engaged and committed staff, volunteers and Board of Trustees 
  • BE A FINANCIALLY SUSTAINABLE institution able to deliver on our mission for decades to come

PPL Values


We believe in removing barriers to information and service access and creating spaces that are open to all, with a focus on those who traditional systems have failed to reach.


We believe all people can create positive change in their own lives through the power of connection and knowledge.


We believe inequities, specifically racial inequities, in our systems and society keep people from reaching their full potential.  To address these inequities, we incorporate a deep and holistic focus on diversity and racial equity in both our work and our workplace. 


We believe that inspiring curiosity sits at the foundation of nurturing learning and developing new skills.  We believe continuous, lifelong learning enriches people’s lives and increases opportunities. 


We believe that enacting our mission requires us to provide welcoming, outstanding customer service, to bring bold new ideas to fruition, and to deeply listen and respond to community needs. 


We believe in sharing joy and happiness in all of our interactions. We love our work and share our positive energy.

Access for All PPL

Providence Public Library (PPL) is unyielding in its organizational commitment to equity. We are dedicated to prioritizing the self-determination of diverse communities BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color), Latino(a), LGBTQIA2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Gender Expansive, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-spirit +), disabled, neurodiverse, immigrant, refugee, unhoused, spiritual, youth — in our policies, collections, programming, resources, services, and physical and virtual spaces. We actively work to dismantle institutional practices that contribute to the oppression of these communities. We are committed to creating a safe, accessible, anti-racist environment for patrons and staff alike. We serve our community with integrity. And we believe that the accessibility of opportunity is at the very heart of our work.



Providence Public Library Seal

The Library’s official Seal embodies the organization’s enduring mission.