Library program attendees.

PPL Mission, Vision and Values

Providence Public Library engages learners, inspires thinkers and connects diverse communities.


PPL is a library re-imagined. Our library is a place where tradition and innovation intersect — an open and collaborative center of teaching and learning where people can connect, experience, create and achieve. Approachable and inclusive, PPL is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of Rhode Islanders and everyone we serve.

PPL Values


We strive to create and provide the best services and experiences for all library users in Rhode Island and beyond. Our employees have a strong sense of pride, responsibility and professional integrity. We value our competent, well-trained staff and maintain high standards in our work.


Free access to information is essential to the preservation and promotion of a democratic society. We are free and open to all and uphold library users’ rights to privacy.


We are always learning. We are a teaching and learning organization not afraid to evolve and take necessary risks in pursuit of meeting community needs and fostering personal achievement.


We strive to become the state’s best collaborator. We seek and engage in partnerships to create high-impact programs and services that result in meaningful change for people in the communities we serve. We are a welcoming place where all can gather, connect, learn and be inspired.


We serve everyone and we represent the diverse communities that make up our city and state. We celebrate our differences and we treat everyone equally and with respect and compassion.


We love what we do and continually work to be and do better. We relentlessly strive to better understand our communities, our collections and our users.

Providence Public Library Seal

The Library’s official Seal embodies the organization’s enduring mission.